IHFP faculty frequently present keynotes and invited lectures at conferences. A selection of recent presentations is given below.

Challenges in the Housing Finance Value Chain 

AIDB Conference “Housing, What’s Next? Challenges and Innovations in The Global South”, Washington DC, October 2018

Implementing The New Urban Agenda (HABIII): The Housing Sector

Panel on the Implementation of the NUA. Perry World House , University of Pennsylvania. January, 2018

Understanding The Housing Microfinance Opportunity through the Lens of Investors and Implementers

Action Group Day, European Microfinance Week, European Microfinance Platform. Luxembourg, November 2017

Urbanization and Real Estate in Africa

Wharton Africa Forum. November 2017

Addressing the Global Housing Finance Data Gap

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2017. Housing Finance Symposium, 2017

Public Expenditure in Social Housing 

Climate Change and Sustainable Development / Housing and Urban Development Panel, June 2017

Addressing the Funding Gaps in the Implementation of the Urban Agenda of Habitat III

“Advancing the New Urban Agenda in a Shifting World: A Multi-Stakeholder Workshop”, Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania, December 2016

Urban Housing and Housing Finance in Indonesia

Wharton, Tanoto Foundation and University of Indonesia Conference on Urbanization, Jakarta, November, 2016 PDF

Housing for all by 2030

7th World Bank Global Housing Finance Conference “Housing 2030”, Washington DC, May 2016

Global Trends in Housing Finance

Asobancaria Housing Forum, Colombia, 2016  (pdf)

How to Combat Housing Inequality: Focus on Emerging Market Countries

Keynote for the International Housing Association 2016 Annual Meeting, National Association of Home-Builders, Washington DC February 2016 pdf