Faculty Research

IHFP faculty is engaged in independent research. Some relevant housing finance articles, reports and books that are available in the public domain are provided below. Most can be found on the HOFINET website.

Housing Finance Policy in Emerging Markets

Edited by Loïc Chiquier and Michael Lea, 2009

Alternative Forms of Mortgage Finance: What Can We Learn From Other Countries?

Authored by Michael Lea, 2010

Securitization: A Primer on Structures and Credit Enhancement

Authored by Michael Lea, 2006

Mortgage Securities in Emerging Markets

Authored by Loïc Chiquier, Olivier Hassler, and  Michael Lea, 2004

The Mortgage Encyclopedia

Authored by Jack Guttentag, 2nd edition 2010

The Mortgage Professor

Website Created and maintained by Jack Guttentag

An Illustrated Guide to Housing Finance Subsidies

Authored by Marja C. Hoek-Smit and Douglas B. Diamond,  2013


Housing Finance Mechanisms in Indonesia

Housing Finance Mechanisms in Indonesia

Authored by Marja C. Hoek-Smit, 2006

Inclusive Housing Finance – Affordable Housing Report for UN Habitat III

Authored by Marja C. Hoek-Smit, 2015

Bubbles in Real Estate Markets

Authored by Dick Herring and Susan Wachter, 2002