Habitat for Humanity Asia-Pacific Housing Forum 

Bi-Annual Course

Vietnam – Bangkok, 2019

These special two-day course on housing finance in Asia-Pacific is part of a unique collaboration between the International Housing Finance Program, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and Habitat for Humanity’s Asia-Pacific Division. The courses are offered as part of the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum’s preliminary event , and as a prelude to the main regional forum in 2019. Joint certificates from the Wharton School and Habitat for Humanity will be issued to participants on completion of the course.

For more information, go to Asia Pacific Housing Forum. 

Developing a Housing Finance System in Afghanistan 

World Bank /  Kabul. February, 2018

World Bank Global Practice for Social, Urban and Rural Development, and Resilience (GSURR) Knowledge Forum

Annual Short Course

Washington DC, USA

This one day course has five sessions: (i) the role of housing finance in expanding both the demand for, and the supply of affordable housing; (ii) risks and pricing of housing finance products; different housing finance systems to deal with risks; (iii) expanding housing finance down-market; (iv) non-mortgage housing finance; and (v) finance-linked subsidies.

Participants are Urban World Bank staff from across the regions who work on operations and analytical work related to housing markets.

For more information, go to The World Bank Global Leadership Forum.


Workshops may be prepared for specific regions, countries or agencies.

IHFP has delivered courses and workshops in more than 40 countries, from Asia, to Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Special courses have also been prepared and delivered for international agencies such as the World Bank, The Inter-American Development Bank, and Habitat for Humanity.

Additionally, IHFP develops workshops on specific topics such as financial risk management, design of mortgage instruments, capital markets instruments and securitization, the regulation of housing finance markets, finance-linked subsidies and others.  Below is a selection of past IHFP workshops:

Argentina: Workshop on “Housing Markets and Subsidies”, for national and sub-national senior government officials, pension-funds, central banks and other financial institutions, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016

South Africa: Workshops on “Development of a National Housing Policy ” and “Principles of Housing Subsidy Design” for the National Treasury, Department of Human Settlements, Provincial Governments and Private Financial- and Developer sector, Pretoria South Africa 2016

The Philippines: Short courses on “Harmonizing Subsidy Programs into a Coherent Subsidy Policy”, for officials from the various national housing agencies and housing finance institutions, Manilla, The Philippines 2014-2015

Myanmar: Workshop on “Establishing a Housing Finance System” , government officials from the National Housing and Construction Ministry, the newly established Housing and Development Bank, the Central Bank, Myanmar 2013

Mongolia: Several Workshops on the “Principles of Finance-linked Housing Subsidies and the Expansion of the Mortgage Sector”, for the Ministry of Construction, Central Bank, Mortgage Refinancing Company, Banking Sector, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2013

Haiti: Short courses on “Building a Housing Finance System” and “Developing a Sustainable Housing Subsidy Policy” for public and private sector officials, the NGO community, World Bank and USAID officials in Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2011-2013

China: Short course jointly with the World Bank and the Peoples Bank of China on “Housing Finance Systems and Policy Development: International Experience and Lessons Learned” for officials from the regional and national offices of the People’s Bank of China, the China Housing and Construction Bank and other mortgage lenders, Beijng, Peoples Republic of China 2006

Other short courses and workshops were delivered for public and private sector institutions in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria, Botswana, Croatia, Servia and Russia.