ANNUAL EXECUTIVE HOUSING FINANCE COURSE: “Innovations in Housing Finance: What Housing Finance Professionals Need to Know” —
June 7 to June 19, 2021


The need for analytical and cutting-edge education in housing finance has never been more acute. The current COVID crisis has shown the importance of adequate housing for the health of communities. At the same time the housing sector is critical to help countries address the economic crisis which has hit Emerging Market Economies particularly hard. Housing can stimulate economic growth and generate employment particularly for those most affected by the economic crisis.

Many countries are assessing their housing delivery and housing finance systems, and both policy-makers and private practitioners need cutting-edge information on new developments in lending procedures, risk management, funding models, regulations, and ways to optimize government support for the sector. The Housing Finance Course addresses these issues and aims to provide senior policymakers, investors, developers and housing professionals with the necessary analytical tools and understanding to become constructive partners in improving and expanding housing finance systems in their countries.

In the close to 40-year history of the program, the course has provided participants with the latest knowledge in housing finance – always adjusting to the changing international context.

Course Content

The course guides you through the following 12 modules:

  • The Role of Finance in Housing Markets
  • Building Blocks of a Housing Finance System
  • Analyzing Housing Finance Products
  • The Business of Housing Finance: Identifying, Measuring and Managing Risks
  • Legal and Regulatory Challenges and Innovations in Mortgage Lending; Mortgage Alternatives
  • Advances in Funding the Mortgage Portfolio –Accessing Capital Markets
  • Legal and Institutional Underpinnings of Capital Market Funding
  • Expanding Housing Finance to Underserved Markets
  • Using Subsidies to Improve Housing Markets & Housing Finance Systems
  • Housing Micro-Finance
  • Transforming Rental Markets
  • Development and Construction Finance

Course Format

The course integrates interactive teaching tools such as videos and e-learning activities, with lecture notes and readings in order to provide a holistic learning experience. There are also opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums and online networking sessions. This course is held over a two-week period and meets 4 hours per day over Zoom. In order to reach different global time zones the course meets from 7 am to 11 am EST.  Course materials will be placed on the course site.

You can review the course agenda here.

How you will learn

The Housing Finance Course is broken down into 12 modules that will allow you to:

  • Work through a wide range of interactive online content including online lectures and real-world case studies
  • Interact with your fellow participants and lecturers through online forums, workshops and small group discussions

Who Should Attend

The course is for participants from private and public housing and housing finance institutions, finance agencies, developer companies, academic institutions and international development institutions, which allows for the cross fertilization of ideas and excellent opportunities to create connections.

Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance is required and having a video presence during lectures is highly recommended.

Course Overview

Name Innovations in Housing Finance: What Housing Finance Professionals Need to Know
Duration June 7 – 19 2021
Format Interactive Online learning
Application Link to the application form; application deadline May 28
Course fees USD $5,000

Course Director: Marja Hoek-Smit +1 267 670 1302