2021 Housing Finance Course for Sub-Saharan Africa

January 18 – 29 2021

This course is run as a partnership between the UCT Nedbank Urban Real Estate Research Unit at the University of Cape Town and the Wharton School’s International Housing Finance Program, University of Pennsylvania, and is supported by the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa.

The 2021 course will guide you through the following modules:

  • Housing is a Large Part of the Economy- How?
    Housing Finance is Critical for Well-Functioning Housing Markets
  • Core Building Blocks of a Housing Finance System
  • Diverse Housing Finance Products: Mortgages, Mini-Mortgages, Micro-Finance Loans
  • The Business of Housing Finance: Risks and Risk Management
  • Innovative Funding Sources for Housing Finance
  • Safety & Soundness of Housing Finance Institutions: the Regulators
  • The State of Housing Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Improving Institutions and Regulations to Expand Housing Finance Down-Market
  • Using Subsidies to Improve Access to Housing & Housing Finance

This life/online course teaches a full range of housing finance topics, both conceptually and practically, with specific reference to the Sub-Saharan African context. The course integrates interactive teaching tools such as life/online lectures with direct Q&A sessions, chat and break-out groups, videos of field cases and other e-learning activities. Lecture slides will be made available before each session and will be shown by the lecturer during the class sessions in order to provide a holistic learning experience. Readings will be available well before the course’ start. There are many opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums and online networking sessions. The last day of the course is dedicated to the presentation and discussion of participant working group country case studies.

This course is held over a two weeks period, with 3 to 4 hours per day of on-line/life structured lecturing and Q&A periods for all participants, and self-directed on-line discussion- and networking activities throughout the two-week period.

This course is for participants from private and public housing finance institutions, finance agencies, academic institutions and national and international development institutions across Sub-Saharan Africa. The course allows for the cross fertilisation of ideas and offers excellent opportunities to create connections.

This year, the course will be held online.

Please check out the 2021 HFCSSA Brochure for more details.

Register for the course here.

For more information on application and registration procedures, please visit: www.cpd.uct.ac.za

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